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Get your gear, you’re signed up for soccer

Actually, she isn’t signed up for soccer. Even though her school offers it. Even though it takes place on a day that she stays late. Even though she owns soccer gear. Even though there’s no extra cost. Even though there’s no reason in the world not to.

Except that there is one reason: She said, “No thank you, Mommy. Maybe in the spring.” Continue reading


The quest

When I think of the Maiden, I think of Mad-Eye Moody.

Okay, not in that sense, though she is a touch . . . shall we say . . . okay, maybe not.

Anyways, Mad-Eye. “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” he would roar, and his students would jump in their seats.

Similarly, I’m pretty sure our daughter’s mantra is “CONSTANT STIMULATION!” And believe me, we tremble. Continue reading