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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

When life hands you a Frankenstorm, which means no school with a cranky kid and a deadline you still have to meet because the flexibility of working from home means the ability, sadly, to work no matter what the weather or the driving conditions on the interstate, you . . . well, you get creative.

You start cleaning closets, but then you get distracted by whines of “I’m booooooored” that peal into your consciousness about the same time that you discover the Magic School Bus Weather Kit you’d forgotten you’d bought. It seems fortuitous, but maybe it’s a you-make-your-own-luck sort of thing–in the sense that you are the kind of people who like buying stuff, especially educational stuff on clearance, for your kid, but you don’t like to spoil your offspring by actually giving it to her. Your rationale is that you’re saving it for a rainy day. On the other hand, today is in fact quite a rainy day and probably a good time to break out some of it.

Everyone is all smiles, initially. And so you make a thermometer, a wind vane, and, most appropriately, a rain gauge–which you fasten to the porch with weaving loops from your child’s potholder kit. Will it stand up to hurricane winds? You might be on the verge of a breakthrough here.

But after an hour of science lessons, including a failed bid to make a barometer, which is really too bad since hurricanes are the perfect time to use one–well, you’re on the verge of a breakdown. Continue reading


I love you just the way you are

My heart is full as I make my way into the Maiden’s bedroom tonight. Over the past few weeks there have been countless articles suggesting that parents aren’t communicating with their kids anymore. What about us? Does she know I love her?

I enter her bedroom, where the evening light casts shadows on the pink walls she so craved. She glances up from her book.

“I love you just the way you are, baby,” I tell her. I look into her big, beautiful eyes and stroke her hair. She gazes back and for a full moment pauses. Maybe I’m getting through to herMaybe this is the moment. I wait for the revelation, the smile, the sweetness of understanding. Continue reading