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Get your gear, you’re signed up for soccer

Actually, she isn’t signed up for soccer. Even though her school offers it. Even though it takes place on a day that she stays late. Even though she owns soccer gear. Even though there’s no extra cost. Even though there’s no reason in the world not to.

Except that there is one reason: She said, “No thank you, Mommy. Maybe in the spring.” Continue reading


Weekly wrap-up, June 15

The wacky and wonderful of our world this week.

1.) The Maiden has been at cheerleading camp all week, which means that there is a lot of spirit echoing around the house. “5-6-7-8! Gooooooooooooooooo Cavs!” And I don’t just mean from her. It’s catchy, darn it!

2.) Today the camp ends with a little performance showcasing the kids’ routine. The Maiden was ecstatic because she was chosen to be one of the “stunt” girls who gets hoisted in the air. Continue reading

Weekly wrap-up, May 4

Random bits on life, our universe, and everything.

1.) Because I’m married to the Man, I am contractually obligated to make the joke “May the fourth be with you.” An additional requirement seems to be that I go see Avengers tonight. And possibly pick up comics at Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

This deal keeps getting worse all the time.

2.) Bonus points if you get the above reference. We say it a lot around here.

3.) The Maiden got stung by a bee for the first time. Except that it wasn’t a bee after all. Apparently the teacher was overwhelmed by the Maiden’s panic attack (“I’m not going to say you know how she can be hysterical, but . . . you know how she can be hysterical” was the comment, I believe), and we all assumed it was a bee–to which the Maiden could possibly have been highly allergic. Continue reading