Weekly wrap-up, July 13

What’s going on in our corner of the world–or what will be our corner of the world for the next week, anyways. I can’t believe this move is actually happening!

1.) To those following our house drama, our home inspection last weekend turned into a bit of a circus when the buyers and their entire extended family showed up for the event. (We wonder what the harried inspector thought.) Inspection came back okay, though we’ll have to cough up several hundred to fix problems created thanks to the builders’ shoddy workmanship. Thrilling, right?

2.) Also, selling a house is a full-time job, and we have a realtor. I am always on the phone. Have I mentioned that I also have an actual full-time job? Yeah, it’s been crazy. Work and house are non-negotiable, so I’ve gotten behind in TK writing. I’ve gotten behind in showering. I haven’t gotten behind in packing for the move–that is happening in exactly one week, by the way–because I haven’t actually started yet.

3.) We narrowly missed having to have “the talk” the other day. Yes, that talk. The Maiden and I were watching a Discovery Channel special on Hatshepsut, and somehow the conversation moved from the Egyptian queen’s possible commoner lover (scandal!) to babies to kittens to how no, you couldn’t have baby kittens if you only had female cats (leaving aside, of course, the question of roving toms).

Her: “So how do cats make babies, anyways? Do they, like, start kissing or something?”

Crap, she’s close to figuring it out.

4.) I was digging through the Twisting Kaleidoscope archives and found an old favorite, “Girl, Interrupting.” The sad thing? I wrote it three years ago and every single word still applies.

5.) Speaking of digging, the Maiden has found a way to marry her two passions, medicine and archaeology: physical anthropology/archaeology. We learned about it on that Discovery Channel thing, which held her attention like no Disney cartoon I’ve ever seen. Basically, these scientists are doctors who use forensic medicine techniques to answer questions about ancient life and civilization. The Maiden is enthralled that she can be both a doctor and archaeologist and doesn’t have to switch every five years, as previously planned.

6.) Well, that’s all, folks. Actually, that’s not all. There’s a lot more, including a soliloquy on why I no longer like thunderstorms and a big long discussion of moving and kids and how the Maiden is (not) dealing with it all. But those are going to have to wait until next week.

In the meantime, I’m joining a TGIF blog hop, so click on the button below and enjoy. Happy Friday!


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