Have you ever been in a situation where time moved at once too slowly and too quickly–and yet not slowly or quickly enough?

This poetry is in response to our upcoming move–and to this week’s Write on Edge writing prompt, “sand.”

Hourglass in the Shallows

Grain upon grain

lash out and yet

and yet–

they fail.

The calm inside

free from the wild, grating dance

of the wet grains around it

The same without

But not.

Two shades of normal.

We lift it, shake it, wonder

on the light and dark of wet and dry

the permanent

Eternal symbol–

Fools despite our wisest thoughts!

We never saw

how even as it stood strong

in ocean spray

Within glass walls

grains shuddered


losing desperate grasp above

and fell

Safe from outside

so safe

yet still

inside it faded

more than nature could record–


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