Avoid them like the plague

While the Man and Maiden were on their Daddy-daughter vacation last weekend (more on that later), I had some “quiet time” (more on that later) that I spent inhaling vats of toxic chemicals as I painted and cleaned and steamed and did other ridiculous things to make the house look nice for someone else (more on that later, too).

Too bad I didn’t do this stuff, like, before we wanted to sell? So we could enjoy it?

Anyways, I have nice new walls but no writing to show for it (though a lot of good ideas bouncing around in my head). Therefore, in lieu of a post this week I’m linking up to an important, and completely unrelated, PSA I wrote.

What’s a cliché? Read to find out–and discover why you should, er, avoid them like the plague.



One response to “Avoid them like the plague

  1. Running from Hell with El

    This is great–both the PSA AND all the work you completed!

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