Weekly wrap-up, May 18

What’s going on in our corner of the world!

1.) Today is International Museum Day. Instead of celebrating by taking the Maiden to a museum, we’re going to create our own: a portable museum of the place we live now, a little shoebox of curated memories that she can bring with her when we move this summer. If it turns out, I’ll post about it.

2.) Speaking of museums, the Maiden’s 6th birthday is in a few weeks and we need to get planning. She doesn’t make it easy, though. This year’s much-desired theme is ancient Egypt, so we need to come up with some fun ideas that would be relevant and not too gross for that age group. I have a funny feeling that most 6-year-olds are not desperately intrigued by a mummy’s shriveled organs, but what do I know?

I’ve got some sites bookmarked, but any ideas you might have would be welcome!

3.) In related news, the Maiden is angling for us to take her to see Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen at the local independent theater this weekend, and I think I’m going to let her. I want to cover her eyes at the melting part–I mean, Indy says not to look, so better be safe than sorry, right?–but I’m pretty sure she can handle the rest. Right now her big interests are Egyptology (see #2 above) and World War II, so it’s a good fit. I think. Maybe I’m just justifying it because I want to see Harrison Ford on the big screen?

4.) Harrison Ford on the big screen.

5.) Harrison Ford on the freaking big screen.

6.) Fine, she can go see the movie.

7.) Was that so hard?

8.) Not really. Also, this has post has sort of degenerated into a conversation with myself, which is kind of the purpose of blogging, but it’s supposed to be more subtle. I clearly need a nap. Or caffeine. Or, if all else fails, a shoe shopping trip.

Have a great weekend!


7 responses to “Weekly wrap-up, May 18

  1. Your daughter sounds like so much fun!
    Birthday party idea: scavenger hunt ala “archeologist expedition: following the clues”. I can’t find sarcophagi or mummies, but you could do jewels and black cats and other Egypt related goodies to be found along the way and taken home.
    Don’t forget the pyramid cake!
    As for the movie, I don’t know. I still haven’t let my almost 8 yo see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows even though she read the book. I feel like seeing it makes all the difference. Everyone needs to make those decisions for their own children. Have a great weekend!

  2. thetwistingkaleidoscope

    Scavenger hunt is a great idea! I think we can pull that off. I wanted to do a mummy dig but the Man was freaking out about kids digging up his lawn, so the “expedition” might be a good substitute. I didn’t think about the jewels and cats, either. THANKS! The Maiden’s teacher suggested making Egyptian pottery, so we might try those, too. I think the pyramid cakes are in the plan 🙂 Love these ideas!

  3. You know, my husband and I just had a lengthy conversation about the right time to introduce Raiders! Our oldest turned 6 in February. Have a great time…your daughter sounds like an amazing little lady. Ancient Egypt? WW II? The child clearly rocks.

  4. Your daughter is unique … in the extreme! I vote that you go see Harrison on the big screen by yourself first! (For the sake of protecting her of course!) And once he passes muster … take her! That way you get to enjoy him … errrrr … the movie … TWICE!

    • thetwistingkaleidoscope

      Thank you–she definitely is unique 🙂 And she loved Raiders–insisted on watching the whole thing, including the melting Nazi part (that I cover my eyes for). Yikes!

  5. I made a mummy stromboli last Halloween. It is normal stromboli but you put two eyes poking out, aka pepperoni’s. I would be more than happy to send you the recipe and description and picture if you are interested.

    • thetwistingkaleidoscope

      I’d love to see the recipe–can you link to it? Even if we don’t use it for the party I know she’d be crazy for it 🙂

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