I may have a problem

One part of the problem.

It seems as though everyone around me has been blogging prolifically. Maybe they’re energized by the coming warm weather. Maybe they’re avoiding spring cleaning? I don’t know. But I looked at my main page recently and realized that things have been a bit quiet on the Kaleidoscopic front.

Then I was like, wait a minute. I’ve been blogging a ton! THEN I went into my posts folder and discovered that I have 51– yes, that’s right, 51–can I say it again? FIFTY-ONE–half-written posts in various states of doneness.

I am so embarrassed.

Clearly I need to declare a moratorium on writing new posts. The problem is that all these good ideas keep coming, but I don’t have time to get them where I want them to be. Or I get stuck. Or I need the perfect photo. Or the Maiden interrupts me, sobbing about someday needing a microscope to look into her decrepit doll’s eyes when they’re both 90, and launches a whole new topic for me.

As I was saying . . .

So I decided to write my dilemma into a status update on Facebook. After all, everyone knows that this is a better way to solve problems than actually trying to find a solution, since there’s always the chance that some friend-of-a-friend who sees our statuses even though our privacy settings would indicate that she’s not supposed to see them will have a magic answer, but the status started to get extremely long. Like that sentence.

So naturally, I transferred it to a new post.

One down, fifty-one to go.


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