It didn’t happen in Frasier (Trifextra Challenge, Week 5, #2)

Fine, I’m a nerd. But I seriously cannot think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon than creating 33-word responses to writing challenge photos. This is my second submission to the Trifextra Week 5 Challenge–head over heels different than my first, but every bit as fun to write.

“Remember that Frasier episode where they thought they’d discovered a crime, but it was just their old stage prop?”

 “But . . . we never played Hamlet here . . .”

 “Oh God.”


7 responses to “It didn’t happen in Frasier (Trifextra Challenge, Week 5, #2)

  1. Never saw that episode, but I love this. Nicely done.

  2. I love the nuances of the dialogue. (And I appreciate the explanation – I’m kind of clueless about TV).

  3. thetwistingkaleidoscope

    Thanks! It was one of the funniest episodes (to me, anyways). Putting those neurotic brothers in a potential mystery setting was hysterically funny.

  4. Too funny, and I’m a veteran Frasier geek, back from the barstools of Cheers and his marriage to Lilith! Nice take!

  5. I’m a little clueless about TV, too Jester. Pull up a chair. 🙂 I love your enthusiasm for the challenge, and your self-description of a nerd. Although I haven’t seen much Frasier, I do enjoy dialogue that starts with, “Remember that episode when. . .” It is, really, how people communication.

    Hope to see you back for the weekday challenge.

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