Back in the day you could earn Thrill Points pretty tamely.

In our house, we’re all about points. And stickers. And stars. And oh my heavens, the charts: charts for chores and charts for books read and charts for neat printing and charts for saving-up-for-the-Molly-doll and probably others that fell off the fridge and therefore under the watchful Mommy Chart Radar.

Maybe it’s my type-A personality, but I can’t stop writing lists of things to check off. The Maiden is following in my chart-tastic footsteps . . . but her approach is slightly different.

For example, the Thrill Points Chart.

Thrill Points, which could only have originated in the Maiden’s mind (or, thinking back, possibly in that of my little brothers), are earned by doing great and daring deeds. Like roller skating without holding onto anything. Or climbing onto high objects, standing on said high objects on only one foot, jumping off a moving bike, doing these stunts with the eyes closed, and other moronic activities designed to keep doctors in business.

The pinnacle of Thrill Pointedness is jumping off a moving swing and “flying” before plummeting to the earth. The Maiden has been busy working on her Thrill Skillz to perfect this feat.

Me: “I don’t like this game. It doesn’t sound very safe.”

The Maiden: “Oh, it’s very safe, Mommy. Unless you fall.”

Yeah, that.

According to the Maiden, the higher the potential fall, the more points earned. Parachuting out of an airplane would be Oh my gosh, a MILLION Thrill Points! Doing it from outer space would put you in the infinite numbers for sure. (She plans to try it when she heads for Mars at age 17.)

I’m not quite sure the point of the chart. There aren’t any prizes that I can see–other than scrapes, scratches, bruises, and the chance to break your arm again.

But maybe I’m just too tame. Maybe I’m too grown-up and scared. After all, it’s great to be fearless. And facing your fears–well, it has to start somewhere, right? We begin with the physical and move on to the harder stuff.

I hope she never loses her desire to conquer the unknown. And perhaps someday, when I get up enough courage, I’ll jump off that swing too.


2 responses to “Thriller

  1. I LOVE your daughter!! If ever you need a break from mommying for a bit, send her my way!!

  2. Both of my girls are such non risk takers (like their parents) that I could not imagine having a little thrill seeker! How fun!

    In other news, I’ve tagged you in a Random 11!

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