Resolutions 2012, week 1

Technically it’s been a week and a half since New Year’s Day and the Great List. But I’m worried that if I don’t take stock of my progress now, 2012 is going to be like all those other years– you know, the ones where I “didn’t make resolutions.”

So without further ado, the report card:

Resolution #1: to take the Maiden seriously and treat her like the grown-up she wants to be. This has been the hardest resolution–after all, it’s attempting to disintegrate the head-butting core of a relationship that’s been almost six years in the making. What I’m discovering is as much about myself as about the Maiden. We’ve been working at cross-purposes. I’ve been taking things too personally. So has she. Resolution success? Maybe not, but resolution progress. It’s a start.

Grade: Despite multiple failures, a solid B+ for effort.

Resolution #2: to not be such a crank in the mornings. I have been trying. It’s helped that the Maiden is still playing with her Christmas loot, so she has less need to come into my room and socialize at 6:01 am. I’ve even been giving her a game or two of “mountain knees” each morning–a ridiculous thing where my knees, under the covers, form a mountain that talks to her. Yes, my brain is severely limited before 10 am.

Grade: B-. Would have been higher, but lost major points yesterday when I overslept my alarm and woke late to discover the Maiden still sitting in her pajamas playing with Lego. Explosions ensued.

Resolution #3: To go to bed at a decent hour. Gulp. I started breaking this on January 1 and never looked back. Last night I did actually get into bed before midnight, but then I spent the next hour reading Game of Thrones, and then I got hungry, so I went to the kitchen and made a snack. I know. But seriously, it’s not my fault. GoT is so addicting, plus it’s about five days overdue at this point–so really, I pretty much have to stay up til the wee hours finishing it. In the name of responsibility?

Grade: F-.

Resolution #4: to make a menu. I did! Huzzah! AND we actually followed it. With much grumping from certain members of the household, who were actually annoyed that I didn’t serve omelets three nights in a row . . . and who retaliated by going on a banana-chips-only hunger strike. For real.

Grade: A+. It’s not my fault if some of the test subjects were morons.

Resolution #5: To be okay with being an insane perfectionist. I’m increasingly realizing the importance of not molding myself to someone else’s notion of how I should be–even if that notion is the ridiculously uptight person most people are trying not to be. Sounds weird, I know. I’m still trying to figure this out.

Grade: My perfectionist side is starting to get annoyed about this grading thing. It also is not happy with the middling scores. My logical side is saying you can’t quantify the unquantifiable, and average is better than nothing. My pessimistic side is saying You’ll be lucky if by next week you can even remember making resolutions.

My sleepy side is saying Zzzzzzz.

Next update in a week. Ish.


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