I attempt resolutions . . .

Last year I did not make New Year’s resolutions. The Man was on his way home from Afghanistan, and I was occupied with cleaning the house and re-cleaning the house and re-re-cleaning the house every time he got delayed, which was constantly. Then after all that he did come home and dumped seven months’ worth of crap out of his bags. Onto my clean living room floor. And then we had Christmas in January, and mess exploded like fireworks until we all went back to work and school and no one cared anymore . . . which is why the place looks the way it does now.

This year I’m not cleaning anything, so I have to sit here and write resolutions. Given the success of my last set in 2010 (Part I, Part II, Part III, and–gulp!Part IV detail the sorry saga), I’ve got serious performance anxiety.

But here goes.

1.) I resolve . . . to try to take the Maiden seriously, pausing and allowing her to explain herself and express her voice before I react. Even on days like today, when she spends half an hour sobbing because last March during our cruise she chose to buy the smaller-sized mascot doll rather than the giant stuffed monstrosity. Yeah, New Year’s Eve partying clearly didn’t agree with her too well.

2.) I resolve . . . to not think dark, bitter thoughts when I get up in the morning. Especially I resolve to not say dark, bitter things when I get up in the morning. Free pass when evil neighbors run their weed whackers at 7:30 am on New Year’s Day. Also, dude, seriously–there’s only one neatly manicured lawn in the subdivision right now. We know who you are.

3.) I resolve . . . to stop going to bed so late. This might help with #2 above. I will acknowledge that there is always more work to do, and that just 10 more minutes won’t finish it all. Nor will 10 more beyond that. I will cut off all work-related activity–whether for my job, my blogging, my personal ventures, the housework, or other family-related research or bill paying–by 10:30 pm. Seriously. I will do this.

Unless I get really inspired about something.

No, no exceptions.

But what if I get really, really, really into something? What if I’m on a roll? Wouldn’t it be stupid to stop just for the sake of a dumb resolution?

Okay, you have a point. Bouts of severe inspiration excluded from resolution #3.

4.) I resolve . . . to make a menu for the week, and stick with it. My family is sick of eggs for dinner. Even more relevantly, so am I.

5.) I resolve . . . be myself, and to be okay with that. This means the whole thing. Not just the trendy “I’m okay with the house being a disaster and the fact that I have a list a mile long that I’m not getting anything done on because of that stupid resolution of not working late.” This means being okay with the desire to do it all. This means acknowledging my perfectionist side. This means loosening up but not so much that I lose my personality. This means that I could write a whole lot more on this, but it will have to wait until later in the week–it’s moving toward 10:30, and I have mountains of stuff to finish up before I start winding down for the night.

Resolution #3 is already kicking my butt.

I’ll see where I’m at with these in a week. Let’s make 2012 the year I stick with it!


4 responses to “I attempt resolutions . . .

  1. I can so relate to numbers 1-3. I stay up FAR too late and my kiddos get up so early that I am just grouchy. And if I don’t get up… trouble ensues. Great list! And best of luck keeping them!

    • thetwistingkaleidoscope

      Thanks! I am doing horribly with the staying up late. The earliest I’ve been in bed was 12:30 . . . ::facepalm:: I WILL figure this out!

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