Eve of the Eve

In our household, December 23 is a holiday of high proportions: it’s the Eve of the Eve, and you’d better start celebrating.

I first began observing it as a kid. After all, no language-obsessed 11-year-old could resist a day that sounded that cool. “New Year’s” or “Easter”? Weak. But the “Eve of the Eve” had an exciting-yet-spooky ring. I was a weird kid, okay?

But old weirdness dies hard, and in this case, it’s alive and happy. Hence we still celebrate the Eve of the Eve, though it’s a bit forced. For some reason, my family doesn’t get it. The Man can’t understand a holiday with no significance other than an awesome name, and the Maiden thinks that if it’s a special day there has to be some kind of associated present, so when can she open it, Mommy?


But that doesn’t stop me. I gleefully greet my family on December 23. I’ll still be doing it when the Maiden’s 15 and rolls her eyes at Mom’s total, like, lameness (though at that point I’ll probably mostly be keen on deliberately annoying her). I spam my siblings’ Facebook pages with Eve of the Eve greetings, because really, there’s nothing more fun than speaking publicly about a nonsensical private joke. And thereby publicly embarrassing the younger brothers who think–but don’t dare admit–that my being past 30 makes me 100 per cent ancient.

Most importantly, though, the Eve of the Eve is the day I start getting really, really excited for Christmas. It’s the little girl coming out in me, I guess, but I just tingle all over when I wake on December 23. Strangely, it’s almost more exciting than waking on December 25–although maybe that’s because I’m not woken up at the crack of dawn by shrill shrieks of joy that Santa didn’t pass our house by after all.

Happy Eve of the Eve! I’ll probably be taking a blogging break until the New Year, at which point I’ll post my New Year’s Resolutions (which I AM going to keep this year, okay?!). I’ll still be posting silliness and seriousness on the Twisting Kaleidoscope Facebook page, though, so join me there and “like” the page to get the scoop.

See you over there! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


2 responses to “Eve of the Eve

  1. I have a strong feeling that your daughter will be celebrating Eve of the Eve with her own children some day, and telling great stories about her awesome mom!

  2. thetwistingkaleidoscope

    Thank you 🙂 I sure hope so. At this point she’s super excited–it’s hard not to be when Mommy is jumping up and down! 🙂

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