Episode IV: The Blogger Strikes Back

OK, make that “The Blogger Comes Back.” But I had to make a Star Wars reference to test whether or not the Man is actually reading this blog, or just pretending to so that I’ll be in a good mood and . . . never mind.

But the upshot of it is that yes, I am back. And yes, it has been almost seven months.

But what a seven-month stretch it was!

The biggest news was that, as those readers close to me know, the Man was deployed to Afghanistan from June to January, so the Maiden and I ruled the homefront, became vegetarian (then not vegetarian, then vegetarian again), bonded, fought, took dance lessons, and didn’t read any comic books.

Second, possibly due to the deprivation of Daddy, comic books, meat, or all three, the Maiden became Terrible.

I understand that “Terrible” is a relative term, but we’re talking about hitting/pushing/screaming/getting sent home from school/sitting in administrative offices at school and camp, etc. upon miserable etc. Getting through the worst four months of it took a lot of energy, a lot of love, and a lot of close calls during which I nearly posted “For Sale: Bad Good Kid, Cheap” ads on Craigslist. Fortunately, a much earlier bedtime and the removal of wheat products from her diet have calmed her down some. Some. I still have the ad saved in My Documents just in case.

Third, I began a job as Managing Editor of The Voice Magazine. Work in the publishing world, particularly an editorship, has been my dream career goal for quite some time, so this has been thrilling. I get paid to do work that I love–what more could I ask for in a job?

Still, with work and the crazy kid and the single parent thing, blogging kept getting shoved to the back burner. But now the Man has been home for a week, and although we’re all still adjusting to our new schedules, and the Maiden is still crazy (and probably always will be–I mean, look who her parents are), I’m confident that I’ll be able to squeeze regular blogging into the week as well.

Sure, our lives have been, and will continue to be, insane. But what’s the point of living an outrageous existence when there’s no one to share it with?

Stay tuned for good things ahead. Next up: the TK takes on “Chinese mothering” . . .


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