Time change, revisited

Yes, I know it’s the height of bad blogiquette to repost a prior entry.  But the cursed time change is using up my precious hours faster than the Maiden shoveled in ice cream, cake, candy, and juice (and other sundry foods that her mean mother won’t feed her) at a birthday party last weekend.  Plus, involuntarily adding to my sleep deficit puts me in a disgruntled mood.  I want to break rules.  Being a mom, however, my rulebreaking venues are sadly limited.  For example, I can’t graffiti the house, because I don’t want the Maiden to think the living room wall is fair game for her artwork, too.  Besides, repainting it all would be such a pain.

Hence, once again, the ballad of the evil time change.

Enjoy, and good luck getting your kids in bed when it’s still sunny out.

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