Resolutions accountability, first week.

On Friday, I posted a list of New Year’s resolutions which I was determined to keep.  I made other resolutions too, but because the determination to keep them was somewhat lower, meaning that they were more along the lines of “It would be nice if I could finally get my life together and keep the house neater and not be behind in everything all of the time, and it would also be nice if pigs could fly,” I decided to keep them private.  That, and there’s the accountability factor, too: if I don’t go public with a resolution, then family and friends can’t remind me to keep it when I don’t particularly want to.

Anyways, as far as anybody knows, those *other* resolutions never existed.  ::Waves hand:: In fact, they didn’t.  No resolutions except the ones I posted.  None.  Nada.

Are my Jedi-mind-trick-hypnosis techniques working?  Or should I keep writing in the hopes that you’ll fall asleep?

Back to the original five resolutions.  I’ve decided to post periodic updates to keep myself accountable, and since this is the beginning of the first full week of the New Year, here goes!

Resolution #1: to eat sitting down at a table, and not in the car, standing, or typing on the computer.
Grade: F.  I can’t think of a single meal so far that I haven’t eaten this way.  Even suppertime– the Man was sick this weekend, so I didn’t make normal suppers, and the Maiden and I just nibbled on various things throughout the day.  That meant it was omelets at the counter and stir-fry by the laptop again.  I’m not sure I can break this habit, but I definitely need to try a little harder.  I’ve broken it unwittingly, like slurping soup while starting this post (no lie), but makes it worse is that I have also broken the resolution knowingly.  For example, yesterday afternoon I should have eaten lunch at the table, but the Maiden had scattered bits of paper all over the dining room, and there wasn’t much space.  Plus, I was in a hurry to flee the house about to take a few hours to go shopping, and the urgency spilled over into my meal, resulting in my consumption of bean stew while putting on my coat, and the rest of my lunch in the mall parking lot before I went in.  I probably should have made “I will not be in such a huge hurry all the time” the resolution instead.  Oh well, maybe 2011.

Resolution#2: to remember to take my vitamins.
Grade: B-.  On the plus side, I did find my old-lady pill dispenser.  As for its usage, well, a 97-year-old could do better.  This is the problem.  I have two sets of vitamins/herbal tinctures: one to be taken on an empty stomach, and one with a meal.  The empty stomach stuff I’ve done great on, because I take it while I’m hovering over the stove waiting for my food to heat already.  However, the stuff in the pill dispenser is to be taken with a meal, and I almost never remember it.  Part of the problem might be that I haven’t been sitting to eat normal meals (see #1 above).  Hmmmm.

Resolution #3: read better books and/or actually finish books.
Grade: A.  I finished the book club book a whole 2 weeks before the meeting!  Never mind that it’s technically a kids’ novel and was a very easy read.  It still counts, okay!?

Resolution #4: to teach the Maiden better manners.
Grade: F.  I have no wish to elaborate.  Actually, I do.  I am adding to this resolution: teach her to, for the love of God, flush the toilet after she’s finished.  And, while we’re at it, to use small quantities of toilet paper rather than an entire roll.  I get that she’s interested in preserving her hands as well as obtaining an empty roll for craft purposes, but please.  I tremble at the fate of the forests if she doesn’t wise up, and at the fate of my nasal passages if she doesn’t start flushing.

Resolution #5: to hug and cuddle and appreciate my family.
Grade: C.  To be more specific: on the day when the Maiden napped, didn’t make a mess, and watched a movie, and the Man was sick and slept all day, grade was A.  Otherwise, grade was F.

OverallPathetic Nice attempt.  It would help if I could actually remember my resolutions; to write this post, I had to look up what #3-5 even were. Apparently, I still have some work to do.

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