Woozles and heffalumps

So, matricide aside, Disney Princess movies aren’t that bad.  I suppose.  When you see them occasionally.  And by occasionally, I mean less than once a week.  And by once a week, I actually mean three times in one day.  (Not that I EVER would let the Maiden do that. Not normally. But your kids being home with the flu all week does strange, strange things to your sanity…)


As the Maiden grows older, though, her interaction with media and the whole entertainment world is going to become more complex than an afternoon cuddling on the couch dressed up as a sparkly pink princess.  The Man and I are fascinated with the concept of guiding her along her media journey– and allowing her to develop the skills she’ll need to one day judge and discern entertainment on her own.

This has sparked my latest project: Woozles and Heffalumps, a new blog which will focus exclusively on kids, media, and culture.  Although the Maiden’s still a preschooler, Woozles won’t be limited to Sesame Street (::shudder::), Word World (::shiver::), or the like.  It’s never too early to start thinking about how to teach our kids to evaluate media and entertainment; hopefully Woozles will serve as a springboard for some pretty interesting discussions.  If you have a tip, idea, or news tidbit you’d like us to cover, please post a comment and we’ll get on it!

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