Here, eat this apple…

… it will make all of your dreams come true!

Well, maybe not…unless you’re a pint-sized Maiden whose every wish will be fulfilled when she holds Disney’s re-release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in her little hands. Even for us as parents, those 84 minutes during which she’ll gaze at the dancing characters with rapt attention are a little bit of heaven, if heaven can be described as an opportunity to clean up without a tornado making a concurrent mess.

In fact, I’m so looking forward to those 84 minutes, that I’ve just spent the last hour and a half scouring the web to determine the right combination of legally obtaining the movie and paying the least I can. This search has led me through ill-written content, past laptop-hungry malware, and culminated in a crisis during which I had to use overpriced resume paper to print coupons because we were out of normal printer paper.  When I think of it, I spent so much time on this that I probably wasted the wages equivalent to the cost of the movie.  Wow, that’s depressing.  A poison apple is starting to look pretty good about now…especially if it means I get to sleep for 100 years.  (I know, wrong movie.  But the Maiden was up VERY early this morning.)

Anyways, here is what I learned.

1) DVD or Blu-Ray??  This is the deal.  Today, Oct. 6, is the release date for the combo packs with DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the movie, packaged together.  The DVD combo (with a picture of Snow White) has 1 DVD with the movie and special bonus features (like audio commentary) and 2 Blu-Rays with the movie and bonus features.  The Blu-Ray combo (with a picture of the witch holding the apple) has 1 DVD with the movie only, and 2 Blu-Rays with the movie and extra bonus features.  The DVD-only pack isn’t going to be released til late November.

2) Coupons: There are 3 coupons out there, and as far as I know, both apply only to the two combo packs out today.

  • The first is from Disney’s website; it’s for $10 off one of the combo packs, and expires Oct. 10.  Note: I read that earlier today, they “ran out” of coupons, but the website has been fixed, since I was able to print it less than an hour ago.
  • is offering $10 off (to compete with Disney’s paper coupon, I imagine): coupon code is SNOWHITE.
  • Hefty (yeah, the trash bag company- go figure) has a rebate offer: send in the receipt from the combo pack and the receipt and UPC barcode for participating Hefty products and they’ll send you $5.

3) Where to buy it:  Most of the stores (Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, for example) have the combo pack for $19.99 (it’s $24.99 at Target).  However, Toys R Us has a special promotion: spend $25 on Disney Princess crap merchandise (including the movie) and get a free Snow White Royal Baking set ($12.99 value).  I think I know where we’ll be going.

Hope this helps! Eat an apple (a non-poisonous one) and enjoy the rest of your day.  I know I will…well, 84 minutes of it, anyways!

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2 responses to “Here, eat this apple…

  1. thetwistingkaleidoscope

    Found another deal? Feel free to list it here!

  2. Wow, and I thought I was a web-scouring deal-scrounging maniac! Pretty awesome combination of coupons and deals!

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