Why a blog?

Well, why not?

Ooops. I guess that didn’t satisfy you.  Let’s try again.

Are you familiar with the Elton John/Tim Rice song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, from the Lion King? It used to be my favorite song, until the Maiden (age 3) discovered it on my electronic keyboard’s Autoplay feature.  Whatever I may now think of the melody, though, the words are still moving.  Juggling the basics– a writing career, a husband in the military, a preschooler, and a house that desperately needs a good vacuuming (ssssh!)– would be exciting enough.  Throw in a lawyer-lawyer marriage; a fear of large insects juxtaposed with a love of warm climates; a child with asthma, seasonal allergies, and food allergies; a love of organization coupled with a strong streak of procrastination; and a pathetic clinging to those hobbies for which there is no time but which are on my Master List and WILL get done someday…then season with a touch of OCD and a daughter with exactly the same personality, and you have a recipe for insanity.

But, like the song says, “there’s a rhyme and reason.”  And there is.  Sometimes it’s necessary to step back from the chaos and take a look at the beautiful– and hysterically funny– picture created by all the little pieces…a picture that changes with the twisting kaleidoscope of life.

Is that a better answer? I hope so.  I’m ready to stop pondering and start blogging!

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One response to “Why a blog?

  1. Like it so far. I’ll look forward to times when I can check in!

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